About Us

Rochester Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Offices of Kristine M. Demo-Vazquez, P.C., has helped many clients throughout Monroe County and the surrounding areas find solutions to difficult legal challenges.

Our firm takes a proactive and results-oriented approach. When negotiating on behalf of clients in a divorce or family law case, we take a firm yet reasoned approach that has yielded positive results for many clients. Because of our results-oriented approach to family disputes, we have helped many clients fully protect their rights while resolving disputes in a manner that avoids the time, cost and stress of a trial. When the opposition is unwilling to be reasonable, Kristine M. Demo-Vazquez, Esq. is a skilled trial lawyer who is always prepared to advocate passionately on behalf of her client's rights and interests.

In our criminal law practice, our law firm provides a vigorous defense for each client. While we are able to resolve most criminal cases without the necessity of trial, our firm is always prepared to take a case to trial if necessary to pursue the best possible result on our client's behalf.

If you need to speak with an attorney about a family or criminal law matter, contact The Law Offices of Kristine M. Demo-Vazquez, P.C. in Rochester, New York.