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Experienced counsel can help navigate divorce process

by | Oct 11, 2018 | divorce | 0 comments

Making the decision to end one’s marriage is often a difficult one for most New York couples. When the decision is finally made, people usually want to move on as quickly as possible to begin their new life on their own terms, which means they want to untangle their assets and finalize their child custody arrangements as soon as possible. This can be possible with the help of experienced divorce attorneys, such as those at the Law Offices of Kristene M Demo-Vazquez PC.

While it may seem tempting to rush through discussions and finalize divorce settlements just to end the process, the reality is that these decisions carry significant weight for the long-term that many people do not realize. For example, a once stay-at-home mother may struggle to suddenly find employment upon divorce, meaning she may need temporary or long-term spousal and child support. Similarly, as mentioned last week, knowing the date on which assets will be valued can better ensure that property division is carried out more equitably.

Not only are most people unfamiliar with family law, they are also not in favor of having to negotiate or meet their soon-to-be ex-spouse frequently. Lawyers at our firm can help with that Since our practice is focused on key areas such as property division and child custody and visitation, we have gained valuable knowledge in these areas and provide our clients with our undivided attention. Additionally, we advocate for all possible solutions for our clients whether it be trial or the pre-trial settlement stage, thereby distancing individuals from their soon-to-be ex-spouses. This can minimize tension and lead to favorable outcomes.

In order to achieve the best solution for our clients, we take the time to understand their needs and what they expect from their divorce. For more on how we proceed with their cases, visit our page.