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Many couples on the verge of a separation get through the winter holiday season for their children's sake. Rather than force the children to choose between their parents for the holidays or witness their parents end their marriage on days that should be for making positive new memories, many parents stick together and put up a brave face for their kids. However, this might be why finally deciding to take the step to the end a marriage might be even more difficult. After all, no one wants to burst their children's bubble and thrust them into uncertainty.

Grounds to invalidate a prenuptial agreement

While the benefits of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are immense when it comes to property division and debt distribution during a divorce, the document is of no value if it is not legally enforceable. Like all contracts, certain legalities must be completed so that such agreements can withstand challenges in court. Otherwise, it can be thrown out of court and New York property division rules may be applied.

Marital agreements outlining property division can ease divorce

Though the benefits of signing a prenuptial agreement far outweigh the cons of it, many New York residents are still not prepared to enter into such an emotionally charged conversation right before tying the knot. They also believe that talking about divorce might jinx a marriage, therefore avoiding the important talk about what to do in the event that a marriage ends. However, it is important to know that married couples who forewent a prenuptial agreement can enter into a postnuptial agreement to protect their assets just as thoroughly.

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