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Should I ask for a child support modification?

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If you are the primary custodian of your child, it is likely that you receive financial assistance from the other parent in the form of child support. The amount of child support that you receive will largely depend on the income of the other parent.

However, there are additional factors that could influence how much child support you will be entitled to. For example, if your child requires medical treatment and you are struggling with the costs, you may be able to take action so that you and the other parent are contributing to the costs more equally.

Why might I be hesitant to bring up the issue of child support modification with the other parent?

Many people worry about bringing up the topic of child support modification with the other parent in case it gives rise to negative emotions. The other parent may start to become angry at the thought of needing to pay extra child support. Whether you want to bring up the question of child support modification with the other parent is up to you, and the suitability of the topic will likely depend on how well the two of you communicate. Ultimately, the courts are the only ones in the position to decide whether a child support modification is appropriate.

How can I go through the courts to gain a child support modification?

If there has been a change of circumstances that you can prove, for example, if the other parent has gained a higher paying job or has received a pay raise, you may be able to file a request for child support modification. The change of circumstances should be regarding either an increase in the income of the parent paying child support, or a significant increase in the cost of raising the child.

It is important that you only request a child support modification if you believe there has been a significant change in circumstances. If you make an unnecessary request, it will be denied and you may not have a chance to make a request if something significant does happen. It is important that you conduct thorough research on child support in New York before taking action.