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Why are divorce rates increasing for older adults?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2019 | divorce | 0 comments

In 2004, researchers identified a trend in New York and the rest of the United States. It seemed that contrary to former statistics, the occurrence of divorce in older individuals was increasing. Forbes states the the divorce rate of those over 50 is on the rise while the overall divorce rate in the country has declined over the last two decades. There may be several reasons that divorce is becoming more popular among those who would previously stay in a marriage for the long term.

Financial management is one reason that many couples divorce and is becoming more of an issue for the older generation. Those who consistently fight about finances or have problems with debt are more likely to end up in a divorce. There are also problems in marriages where one partner makes all the money and controls the bills and because the other does not have a concept of the money situation, they may overspend or mismanage funds. Studies show that as a wife’s earnings increase, marriages fail more often while a husband’s increase leads to a stronger marriage.

Another reason for increasing rates of grey divorce can be similar to any empty nest syndrome. Once the kids have left the house and just the spouses remain, it is often hard to determine who you are without children and who your spouse is. Many find themselves unhappy and unsettled after kids leave and look for other ways to be fulfilled.

One interesting reason for this trend is also better life expectancy rates and health. As people tend to live longer and be healthier, they want to be happy rather than stay in a marriage they are comfortable with. Many over 50 believe they can still find happiness because they have several decades of life ahead of them.

Addictions and infidelity are also common reasons that couples get divorced. No matter the age of the couple or the reason behind the divorce, it can be beneficial to speak to a family law attorney before starting the process.

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