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Starting a new job during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | divorce | 0 comments

When it comes to getting divorced, people have many different issues to work through. For some, such as those who accept a position with a different company, there is often additional strain. Starting a new job is exciting, but also presents certain concerns in terms of energy and time constraints. It is imperative for people to ensure that their divorce remains a focus during major life changes such as beginning a new career or switching companies. After all, the outcome of a divorce affects one’s life in numerous ways.

There are multiple factors to consider with regard to starting a new job during a divorce. For starters, employment changes affect one’s income and often have an impact on the amount of alimony or child support that they are required to pay. Moreover, factors such as one’s income and work schedule also play a role in child custody matters. It is imperative to review the different ways in which a new job directly impacts family law issues. Some people fail to recognize just how much a new job will impact these facets of their divorce.

Our law office realizes that for many people, accepting a new position is stressful and exciting. However, the way in which one approaches and works through their divorce affects their life in many ways, from a short-term and long-term point of view. Please ensure that you set aside a sufficient amount of time to focus on your divorce if you have started a new job and review our law office’s website to go over more on various legal considerations related to the end of a marriage.