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Is it okay to date during my divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2022 | divorce, family law | 0 comments

When you finally make the decision to end your marriage, things have likely been tough for a while. Considering how long it takes for proceedings to conclude, it could still be some time before you are officially single.

You may feel ready to reenter the dating pool, but there are valid reasons why you should wait until your divorce is final before seeking new companionship.

You could confuse your children

While you may be ready to put yourself out there, you should consider the effects of your behaviors on your youngest family members. Some questions you should ask yourself before subjecting your children to a new relationship include:

  • Am I making my kids feel secure in their world during this divorce?
  • Are my children mature enough to handle seeing me with a new partner?
  • Am I modeling healthy relationships for my little ones?

You could limit your settlement options

Technically, seeing someone other than your spouse romantically while you are legally married is adultery. A vindictive ex may try to use your new relationship against you when discussing important issues such as alimony, child support and custody arrangements.

You could anger your ex

If you are the party opting out of the marriage, your spouse may have hurt feelings. Even if your split is mutual, parading a new partner around town and on social media may cause your ex to seek vengeance in the courtroom.

It is wonderful that you feel ready to move on with your life, but understanding how dating impacts your New York divorce case is essential to making sure your settlement is fair and your family is well.