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Going through a divorce is stressful. You may feel hurt and angry and want sympathy from friends and family members. Still, reaching out to your contacts on social media could harm your divorce case.

Opposing attorneys often search social media posts to find incriminating evidence. Courts have ruled that what you post online is not considered confidential. While your divorce proceeding is going on, limit your social media activity.

Do not post anything negative about your spouse

Do not vent your emotions on social media, no matter how angry you are about your spouse. Also, talk to your family members and your friends. Tell them you plan on divorcing your spouse and ask them to not post anything negative.

If your divorce becomes contentious, make your social media accounts private. Both unfriend and remove your spouse from your account. Beware of your spouse’s friends and family members. They might be looking for evidence against you.

Be careful about posting life changes

Do not post about getting a promotion or raise on social media even after your divorce. If you are paying child support, your ex may be able to petition for an increase in payment.

Dating someone else during a divorce can anger your spouse and be hard on your children. Do not post about it on social media.

When you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, you want things to be as amicable as possible. Avoid fanning the flames of resentment and stay away from social media. You may also wish to think twice before you post anything even after your divorce. Although you may think your posts are private, even a seemingly innocuous post could potentially harm your case.