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What are the grounds for divorce in New York?

Many people do not realize that there are certain legally acceptable grounds on which a New York resident can get a divorce. Where previously a divorce was only granted for fault in the state, in 2010 no-fault divorces became legally possible. An at-fault divorce means that one spouse files for a divorce alleging that their spouse is at fault.

Make informed family law decisions about divorce

Many couples on the verge of a separation get through the winter holiday season for their children's sake. Rather than force the children to choose between their parents for the holidays or witness their parents end their marriage on days that should be for making positive new memories, many parents stick together and put up a brave face for their kids. However, this might be why finally deciding to take the step to the end a marriage might be even more difficult. After all, no one wants to burst their children's bubble and thrust them into uncertainty.

We've successfully guided people through divorce for years

During their marriage, and especially if they have children, New York couples have most likely fallen into a dependable daily routine. While the routine may seem boring, it goes to establish a steady environment that both children and adults rely on. On most days, everyone knows what is likely to happen next. A divorce has the ability to completely change that scenario and disrupt the stability of everyone involved. One of the reasons many may hesitate to divorce is because they do not want that instability and uncertainty for their future.

Managing the holidays after a divorce

Scheduling in the holiday season is complicated enough when one is married, as-one has to figure out with whose family the couple will spend time. Add in children, and grandparents are even more eager for them to come and visit, adding another layer of complexity to the celebration schedule. When parents are divorced, it gets even more challenging. However, with open communication and flexibility, it might be possible to navigate holiday season after divorce with minimal stress

Student loans contributing to divorces

Financial discussions and concerns have the ability to taint a couple's marriage. It is no secret that money issues cause tensions in marriages, but a recent study has shown that college debt is becoming a thorny issue for couples to work through, and it often results in marriage dissolution.

Experienced counsel can help navigate divorce process

Making the decision to end one's marriage is often a difficult one for most New York couples. When the decision is finally made, people usually want to move on as quickly as possible to begin their new life on their own terms, which means they want to untangle their assets and finalize their child custody arrangements as soon as possible. This can be possible with the help of experienced divorce attorneys, such as those at the Law Offices of Kristene M Demo-Vazquez PC.

Plan at the start of school year to avoid family disputes later

Back to the routines, the packed lunches, the pickup and drop-off coordination and the signup sheets-its back to school time across the country and New York residents are probably trying to ease their children as well as themselves back into the routine. One way to ease the transition is to get together with a former spouse and try to plan the next year in advance as much as possible to avoid child custody or support disputes that could soil the amicable relationship divorced parents are trying to maintain.

Can I receive spousal support during my divorce proceedings?

One common worry a person going through a divorce may have is that they are not earning enough to be able to support themselves, and therefore are not financially independent. Spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance, is one way a spouse can continue to receive financial support after their marriage ends from the spouse who earns more money, so the receiving spouse has the ability to gain the skills necessary to become self-sufficient.

The benefits of prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements are often accompanied by a negative stigma and can fall victim to misconceptions. However, they really should be understood as a useful tool for couples considering marriage. A prenuptial agreement can be helpful for any couple, not just wealthy couples. Prenuptial agreements have many advantages for any couple entering marriage, so it is useful to understand them.

The importance of understanding spousal support during divorce

Spousal support can be an acrimonious part of any divorce which is why it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand how it works. Spousal support sometimes goes by other names including alimony or spousal maintenance but whatever it is called, it refers to when one former spouse pays a certain amount of money to another former spouse which is why it can be of concern during a divorce.

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