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Prior to October 12, 2011, one had to establish grounds in order to obtain a divorce in New York State. The most common grounds for divorce were Cruel and Inhuman Treatment, Abandonment, Adultery and Living Separate and Apart Pursuant to a Written Separation Agreement for One Year.

On October 12, 2011, Domestic Relations Law was amended to add “irretrievable breakdown” in subdivision 7 as a “no-fault ground” for divorce. Domestic Relations Law 170(7) provides that a husband or wife may be granted a judgment of divorce on the ground that “(7) The relationship between husband and wife has broken down irretrievably for a period of at least six months, provided that one party has so stated under oath. No judgment of divorce shall be granted under this subdivision unless and until the economic issues of equitable distribution of marital property, the payment or waiver of spousal support, the payment of child support, the payment of counsel and experts’ fees and expenses as well as the custody and visitation with the infant children of the marriage have been resolved by the parties, or determined by the Court and incorporated into the judgment of divorce.”

The most common grounds for divorce are:

  • Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage for At Least Six Months
  • Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
  • Abandonment
  • Adultery
  • Living Separate and Apart Pursuant to a Written Separation Agreement for One Year

Anyone seeking a divorce or legal separation in New York should be represented by an experienced divorce attorney who can protect their legal rights. If you are thinking about divorce, contact the Law Offices of Kristine M. Demo-Vazquez, P.C.

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Our Approach To Divorce And Family Law Disputes

Our goal is to achieve the most efficient and effective solution in each case. We are firm in negotiations to protect our clients’ interests, but also provide proactive and practical counsel. Due to our firm yet reasoned approach to dispute resolution, most of our cases are resolved without the necessity of trial.

However, when it is necessary to go to trial to protect a client’s financial or parental rights, we are always thoroughly prepared to advocate for our clients in litigation.

Get Personalized Legal Service

Our firm offers experienced and highly personalized representation for each client. We understand that divorce is a difficult time, and we do our best to make the process as simple and worry-free as possible.

Experienced And Comprehensive Representation

Our firm limits our practice to a few select practice areas and limits the number of cases we handle so each client receives undivided attention. We handle all issues that may arise during a divorce, including:

  • Property division
  • Allocation of assets and debts
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal support/maintenance
  • Child support
  • Domestic violence

Our firm handles post-divorce disputes as well, including enforcement of judgments of divorce or separation agreements, child custody modifications and child support modifications.

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To speak with a New York divorce lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Kristine M. Demo-Vazquez, P.C., in Rochester, New York.