How can we help you

How can we help you

Helping You Deal With Difficult Restraining Orders And Orders Of Protection

No one should be subjected to domestic violence. Unfortunately, New York law has long struggled with the best ways to protect people from abuse while also defending the rights of people who are accused.

These are difficult legal issues, and whichever end of a domestic violence accusation you are on, it can be critical to have the help of a skilled attorney. At the Law Offices of Kristine M. Demo-Vazquez, P.C., in Henrietta, we help men and women sort out these issues. We help people get the protection they need, and we also uphold people’s rights and defend their interests.

Establishing Orders Of Protection

In Monroe County, people who feel threatened by domestic violence can obtain an order of protection that is designed to keep their would-be abuser away. There are two types of these orders:

“Stay away” orders: These orders are designed to physically separate a would-be attacker from a would-be victim. These can be crucial in stopping an escalating pattern of abuse and preventing violence.

“No-offensive contact” orders: These orders go beyond the physical proximity limitations of “stay away” orders by prohibiting yelling, swearing and other forms of harassment directed at the protected party. These can be important in breaking cycles of abuse and preserving the dignity of the protected person.

The Law Offices of Kristine M. Demo-Vazquez, P.C., also can help those on the other side of these orders. While orders of protection can keep people safe, they are, unfortunately, sometimes abused. People have been subjected to one of these orders with little concern for their ability to find a new place to live, get to work or see their children. These people deserve a hearing and a defense with the help of a lawyer.

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